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Cleaning out - Some free stuff


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I am cleaning some things out.  These are free and I will ship them to you.


Dakiom R103 feedback stabilizers.  You can look them up on the net, all sorts of reviews.  These are the RCA connector ones (female RCA on one end. male RCA on the other).  They go between a cd/dvd player (for example) and a receiver, between amp and preamp, etc.  They are supposed to "smooth out" the sound.  I think they were about $100 for the pair.  I have two of these.  You may claim one or both.


Headphone extension cord - probably 10 ft or more.  The cord is an black, umbilical cord (like an old phone land line cord).  1/4 phono plug on each end (male on one end/female on the other).


Dayton/Parts Express mini headphone amp.  This is not the current version they offer, but it is a digital amp, it has speaker connectors so it could work as an amp for very efficient speakers or use it for headphones.  I have one of these, basically new in box - I think it was a $30+ item on sale.  I am pretty sure this is the link to what I have.  https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dta3116hp-class-d-mini-amplifier-with-headphone-amp-2-x-15w--300-3810


My only ask is don't claim these to simply sell them.  I can do that - If you don't like them, please offer them back up here to someone else.


Send me a PM me on what you want, your mailing address and give me a few days or so to get them in the mail to you. 






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