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  1. That's a Great preamp, I really enjoy mine, someone will be very Happy. If by chance the preamp sells without the case, I would buy it, good luck with your sale.
  2. muel, just wondering if the remote was something you used alot with this unit ? or could you get by without one. Thanks,
  3. Hey Cincy what did you have these in, and what difference did you hear, Thanks.
  4. Jeeper


    How much are the fees ?
  5. Neil, Looks like A Good day in Michigan, Enjoy. I had to ask, are they making Stroh's in Detroit again ? That was probably the best beer tour ever ! , many moons ago.
  6. Go Tigers, a little cold, but at least it was sunny out, better than what the Mud Hens had a day earlier, a cold rain.
  7. Beautiful set of Belles, It doesn't get much better than that, congrats.
  8. I liked the story how Bob Seger took Glen under his wing. Both Good Guys. RIP Glen.
  9. That's a nice amp. Good luck with your sale.
  10. This might work, very entertaining. The Dave Rawlings Machine.
  11. Sweet, I'll bet they sound great, You Sir do nice work.
  12. Ya, Clarence could stir it pretty well. Does anybody miss Craig?
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