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  1. I'll watch for his farewell tour dates, that will be a good show for sure.
  2. Sorry to hear of your husbands passing, God bless.
  3. good read, thanks for posting.
  4. Wow is right, that's some serious audio gear right there, Good Luck with your sale.
  5. That looks like a very nice unit, someone will be very happy.
  6. Very nice looking tube amp, thanks for sharing.
  7. Happy Saint Patrick's day !
  8. Thanks for the suggestions on shipping the 500-C, I appreciate it.
  9. Jeeper

    What I Got Today!

    General Electric Tube radio / phonograph, 1960 Vintage, 1 owner.
  10. Looking to see what professional packaging service would be best to ship a Fisher 500-C. I don't feel comfortable packing it myself, I want it to arrive safely. Thanks for any advice, or tips.
  11. It's good to hear a story like this, Jim sounds like the kind of person you like to do business with. Hoosier Hospitality.
  12. Sounds like you have a great plan, for your end game, You will be very happy.
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