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  1. Bummer, I thought it was yesterday, O well.
  2. All good advice Joe, take care, you will be fine.
  3. Jeeper


    They look great, someone will enjoy them, GLWS.
  4. Sad news for sure, R I P Dusty.
  5. Your probably right about it being WABX, not the RIF. I think maybe WIOT in Toledo, ran the show also, somewhat blurry times.
  6. That was really fast, good job.
  7. Good news, I know you will enjoy the NBS, it's a well built piece.
  8. Sad news for sure, RIP Dave.
  9. Marantz 2230 looks real nice, original box, Facebook market place, located in Ann Arbor, not mine.
  10. Makes me think about selling my collection before they wake up.
  11. Interesting story, did Mel's son have a career in football like his pop's ?
  12. Jeeper


    Yummy !
  13. I wonder if you received the Moderna this time, and if in the future you need another, could you get the Pfizer ?
  14. Nice looking set up you have jimjimbo for starting your plants. Having a small garden is a joy to have.
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