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Monoprice Monolith with RF7ii ?


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I am wondering if anyone here has the Monoprice Monolith amplifiers?


If so, what are your thoughts?  i'm looking at the 9X  to power my entire home theater.  

200W  @ 8ohm,  all channel driven,  20-20khz   x3

100w  @8ohm, all channel driven, 20-20khz  x6

- i think it doubles down to like 375W at @4ohm too.  


just wondering about any issues,  how it 'sounds' if that's even a thing? 


thanks for any input !!  can't wait for this thing to come off backorder and hit the buy now button. 



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My buddy bought a Monolith 7 channel to drive his RF-7s/RC-7/RS-7s/RB-35s combo in his 4000ft3 HT and that amp is sure impressive.  Neutral, punchy, dynamic. Never close to running out of gas even at high SPLs.   He uses his flagship Onkyo to drive the Atmos channels.



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I own two myself. Both are 7 channel. ATI 2007 clone. Small window dressing differences. I could have got away with 5 channels, but for the slight increase in price I figured it would pay to have the extra power if I ever decided to move to a bi-amp configuration. Your choices with this quality in this price range are extremely limited. Nothing else in class AB has this build quality and power with this many channels without doubling your budget at a minimum. Only need 1.2V to drive them to ear bleed level. With other brands you can get less for less for sure. Or go to N-core D class for something different. So different,  you really should not do direct comparisons to those designs here. Sound signature is a thing. The Monolith/ATI sound is better than all but one other (AB) amp brand I have owned. That brand is Classe. Like I said before, budget doubles at least.  Atmos channels do not need this kind of amplification, but it can't hurt. It is nice to have everything in one chassis too. Even thought they are AB they do run very cool. Tons cooler than my AVR temps. The amplifiers are not totally silent, but better than anything else I have owned. There also is some transformer noise in the actual amp, not in the speakers, but only in complete silence and only when your ear is less than 3 feet away from the amp. Switch gear is solid. Premium connections are solid. Main caps are Elna 85c. There are some smaller Nichicons in there too. Return shipping would be a major problem if decide you want to back out during the 30 day trial.


I did have two issues and those those issues were solved by Monoprice.  The first amp I got had significant feedback in one of the channel outputs, and less with 2 others. Almost like a ground loop. I tried everything I could, but resolved that the issue was not on my end. I eventually decided to return the amplifier back to Monoprice. Free return, free replacement. When I got the replacement I was shocked at how quite it was. Problem solved. My second amp came with a loose connection at the main power supply cable. I figured the weight of the 12Gauge 20amp cable connection had everything to do with that. With one phone call Monoprice gave me enough credit back so I could purchase an upgraded locking power supply cable. The new cable has a locking device which creates a tight fit and now it does not move. Ever. Problem solved. 



In short and not comprehensive list format, Monolith amps beat class AB amps from

Denon (power/quality)

Marantz (power)

Onkyo (power/quality)

Parasound (all but the highest models)

Rotel (price)

Yamaha (power/price)


Still better on price but gets beat by

Anthem (quality)

ATI (quality)

NAD (quality)


Not up to the even higher standards of








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