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4 Subs - miniDSP 2x4 versus miniDSP 2x4 HD

Tony A

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Recommended by members here to balance my 4 subs with a miniDSP, thanks again for the advice.

Upon more reading there are two versions and I'm getting conflicting advice when researching which to buy.


Curious if any members here have experience and could help push me in a certain direction.

No worries spending more for the HD but I also don't like burning money if I don't have too.


4 Klipsch Subs to balance are two R-115SW and two SPL-150SW. 

There will not be more than 100" difference in placement from main listening position.


Thanks in advance.

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For subs only get the cheap one. But if you need to send high pass signals to mains also, then get the more expensive one. I mean, come one, a lousy $100 more won't kill anyone. If the subs are symmetrically placed, you can double up on 2 channels and use the other 2 for highpass.

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Might be late to chime in but..  IIRC the HD allows for greater adjustment range when it comes to time alignment of the channels. Time alignment of the channels is not singularly a solution to overcome variation in distances from subs to listener, but also can help overcome other undesirable effects of the room on your resulting sub curve. More adjustability will never hurt you. 


If you haven't come across it already, there is an excellent youtube video on subwoofer alignment by Home Theater Gurus.  MUST WATCH material for setting up and optimizing multiple subs with REW and the MiniDSP unit. 

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I did end up purchasing the HD version.  It will also allow me to also experiment with cutting off frequencies below 20 Hz.

The mini and the umik arrived last week but I haven't been able to mess with them yet.  

Also printed off manuals and tip sheets for using it with Subs.  Supposed to rain this weekend, time to read up :)

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There is no reason to ever get the cheaper one unless you just simply can never afford the HD but that's probably not the case if we're all honest here.  The normal one was literally created to be able to work on USB power.  According to a conversation I had with Mark Seaton, they start clipping at like half a volt.  Your only saving grace is that Klipsch subs have quite a bit of gain as compared to others such as SVS, so you could keep the levels lower but the gain higher.  Realistically speaking the HD is a better unit period.  

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