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Klipschorn AK-3 price definition

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Hello everybody

I am new to this forum and please forgive me if I get to the point with the first post straight away. 
I have tried to find the correct place to ask the following questions and I hope I am not entirely wrong.

I own a Hi-Fi system that consists of the following parts:
- Two loudspeakers: Klipsch Klipschorn AK-3, made 1985
- Record player: Micro Seiki 1500, made between 1981 and 84
- Tonearm: SME 3012-RG Limited Edition, 24 carat gold, made between 1981 and 84 (without box)
--- Cartridge: Ortofon Super OM 10 (old)
- 2nd tonearm: Dynavector DV 507
--- Cartridge: Van Den Hull DDT
- Amplifier: Denon PMA 725R
- Speaker cable: Original Monster Cable (high resolution speaker cable with Durallex insulation)
- CD player: Denon UCD-F10

Now I want to sell the whole thing (doesn't have to get out as a set). The reasons, well, on the one hand are of a very private nature (it has to do with a death in my family and corresponding emotions), on the other hand I have had a tinnitus since a sudden hearing loss, which clouds the hearing experience. And for these reasons it would be nice if someone owns the system and enjoys it more than I can.

I'm stuck at the point at which I want to define the prices. I can only find vague information. I don't have a clue, especially with the speakers.
(The SME tonearm probably moves around 5K in Euros or 6K in USD , the Dynavector tonearm around 3K in Euros or 3.5K in USD, the Micro Seiki turntable apparently at 5K in Euros or 6K in USD.)

Maybe one of you may help me with her / his expertise? What can I demand for the two AK-3?
(Am I still in line with the prices for the other devices?)

Did I fail to see something?

I am extremely grateful for any help.

I'm from Switzerland, Europe, btw.

Best regards.




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two fantastic pieces... you should have NO PROBLEM selling either of those pieces as long as you are open to market prices.


the klipschorns are probably in that $3500US range... with perhaps a slight (5%-10%) premium for Europe based on TIGHT availability.

The micro seiki is a niche piece... but has a great following.

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On 6/8/2021 at 6:06 PM, billybob said:

@MicroMara is a gent here for one could help with turntable related, but there are others.

He has too high price expectations for the TT equipment, for European prospective customers this is completely uninteresting, because to the selling prices still transport insurance duty and import taxes come. This is an additional expense of at least 2 K€ , yet great plant. Good luck !

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Hello everybody


Thank you so much for your help, @Schu, that helps me really a lot.


Also thanks to @MicroMara for his advice. Of course, these are not my own expectations regarding the price. These were just the last prices that were paid in various auctions here in middle Europe. I will put these parts up for sale at a much lower price. 


And thank you, @billybob, for your welcome.


Kind regards

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