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Mixing Klipsch series


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From other thread reads while I haven’t spent a lot of time on, my question. 
Seems a topic talked about quite a bit. Try to use matching series in a HT system.

Myself, have never been into HT much. Just about anything would suit me fine in that aspect.

Mainly I’m a 2 channel Klipsch hoarder. Along with being a tube fanatic. However …..

My last two (same day, different sellers) acquisitions were kg3.2 pair, kg2.2U single, SW-8 and Velodyne CT80.

Second seller, picked up the KLFC7 black.

I don’t think I will comment on the center other than the fact I didn’t look it over closely during the transaction. Rain and “ Klipsch talk” had me scurrying about, plus the second planned buy was still a good driving distance. The KLFC7 was picked up first. I will only mention “Cypress Tx.” as a hint. I will upload a photo of the simple repair I made to correct the screw-up or rather lack of. 
Also just recently picked up a pair of sequential #’d Heresy in fairly nice condition. Which leads me to this post.

 I plan on using my trusty old Denon AVR-889, KLFC7 center, Heresy for front surrounds, kg3.2 rear surrounds and the Velodyne + SW-8 subs if room permits. I’ve taken measurements and think I can squeeze both in the cabinet. 
My major concerns are, the Heresy’s will have to be placed on top of the Belles and the kg3.2 are too large for wall mounts, as I have now. Thinking if I had a smaller pair kg’s, would fit the bill. Even if I installed wall brackets and shelves the 3.2’s are still too large. 
So now I suppose I’ll be on the hunt for kg1, smaller footprint as I’d rather use the existing mounts. 
Any other options? All Klipsch please. And I always try to pick up used as I’m a tight assed sob.

Lastly, the clutter on the left still has to be cleared!!


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2 minutes ago, hogwylde09 said:

@billybob what if I horizontal wall shelved the 3.2’s ?

For rears or sides, guess you could. No reason other than size and shelf durability. The obvious mix you already know. Could try without building just to see/hear.

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21 hours ago, hogwylde09 said:

Rather than spend more $$ me thinks will go the horizontal route for the rears. Problem solved. Thanks for the input @billybob 




That's what I did with RB-75s and it has worked GREAT! I positioned the LF drivers towards the wall,  toed in the horns and angled the speakers  toward the MLP.

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