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Klipsch rp-450c vs. rp-504c


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Hey guys, im curious if anyone has any first hand experience comparing the 450c and 504c? From looking at the specs on crutchfield and klipsch the only differences I see between the two are that the 504 has a vented tweeter and is maybe a 3-way speaker as opposed to a 2.5 with the 450? Im running a denon 3600h with 625fa l/r. I have been running the 450 for a couple of days and its a big improvement over my old 52c. Blends in better than I thought it would. Just wondering if the 504 is much of an improvement from the 450? Just ordered the 504 seeing that it went on sale for $50 more than I paid for the 450. Read somewhere that there is a noticable difference with the vented tweeter! Thoughts?


Denon x3600h

R-41 surrounds

R-41sa height



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It's basically about the same thing except the vented tweeter.  That thing acts like a port, basically the extreme low end of what the tweeter handles has a little more output, sounds a little thicker, smooths out the crossover region more than anything.  

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