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I'm pondering, again, on Belle clone changes, biamp, 2-way, etc.


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I know I ponder too much but I'm wanting to do some changes.  I may end up selling off my Onkyo Reference 2-channel gear and go to something different.  I have a Carver stack of gear (in my sig) that I may move to the ads L1230's as that stuff sounds great and is a shame to be idle.  Then, I'm thinking about going ahead and making my Belle clones a 2-way and go to a K-510 style horn with some type of larger driver.  I would need 2 small-ish 2-channel amps (preferably with gain controls), a preamp (preferably with digital inputs and a remote) and a digital crossover/DSP/EQ (not really interested in the MiniDSP).  And, no.  I don't have room for K-402's upstairs with how the ceiling is.


That's the short end to the story so I guess now the search is on to find what amps are out there for a reasonable price with gain control.  Yeah, old McIntosh amps have that but that goes beyond my wanting to keep it reasonable priced.  With my less than stellar hearing above 10k, I don't really need expensive amps as it would be an unheard difference.  Any recommendations for newer amps like that?  Or I guess older ones that I could have my tech friend in Little Rock rebuild.


Just a thought.  Something like Crown D-75's I would think would be plenty or maybe D-150's.  I also have a Dynakit ST-70 I guess I could use on the top end.

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@carlthess40  I appreciate that offer and those are great prices!  Definitely way more power than I really need for them, though.  ha.  I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do yet.  Part of me wants to keep them and make something work out of them since I'm the one that built them and another part doesn't want to mess with it and just move on. 

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14 hours ago, JohnA said:

A 6 channel DSP and 3 D-75s should do it.  That time alignment thing is worth the trouble. 


I'm thinking if I go that route, I'm going to go 2-way instead of 3-way and sell off the upper HF section.  I'm pondering the ElectroVoice DH1A for the top end, if I go this route.   I won't enclose the horn as it's just not worth it really. 

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