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Help with some local used Klipsch products


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New to the forum and excited to be here. Big fan of Klipsch products! 


Potentially meeting up with someone locally that is selling multiple Klipsch products. They aren’t sure if the speakers are in working condition or not. I believe it’s an older family that may have inherited the speakers from someone. 

I have purchased a number of Klipsch products over the years and love them all. Hoping to get a few more used out of this transaction, but I don’t know what I’m about to see. 

Can anyone help me identify and have any suggestions on starting points for estimated value if they are in working condition? 

Only picture shared so far is included. Looks like an RF7 and RC7 as a wild guess? Hoping to get a few more pics and/or see the model numbers before I go to see them in person. 

Any thoughts are appreciated. 



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Welcome to the forums. 

Definitely appear to be RF7's as the horn is slightly smaller than the 10" woofers.

The sub is likely the RSW12 as it appears slightly larger than the drivers on the RF7's.

I believe the smaller tower is the RF3 as the horn is slightly smaller than the woofers.

They definitely have been rode hard and put up wet.

If they are unable to test them, I would definitely offer pretty low ($400 - $500) as you are taking a big risk that they may not even work and parts are difficult to replace due to them being over 15 years old. Just by looking at how bad they have been treated over the years, there very well could be issues.

If you can test them and they sound good, I would personally would probably offer $600 - $800 for the set.

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