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No Sound from Tweeter.


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Hello all, I recently picked up a pair of 83' Heresy's that rock. However one of the tweeters is completely silent. I pulled open the back and all the connections look good. In your experience is this a tweeter issue or something farther down stream like the power supply. I see k-77 tweeters go for 160 a pair on Crites-Speaks. 


Thank you 

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Test K77 : OK = normally about 6 ohms test with a multimeter


if HS > If you are a bit of a handyman, no need to change the entire K77 tweeter, only change the diaphragms. Change the 2 to have a balanced pair.



I think you got some K77M on your 1983 Heresys, check it out.



At crites : K-77 and K-77M Diaphragm Kits.  These are the ones with the diaphragm pre-installed in the plastic diaphragm housing.  Price is $45.00 each.  A pair is $90.00.  Shipping is $9.00 for a single in the US by Priority Mail or $9.00 for a pair.



You can contact them to have an opinion before ordering







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If you had a multimeter, I think you'd have used it already.  Since you likely don't, disconnect the bad tweeter from the crossover.  Use a 1.5 volt battery, hold one wire to the  negative terminal and stroke the positive with the other wire.  You will hear scratching if the tweeter is good.  If you don't, the bad tweeter needs a new diaphragm.  Replacing a diaphragm is a precise, but not difficult job. 


It you hear scratching, the problem is in the crossover and we will need more data to pinpoint the failure. 


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