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Does anyone use a Windows based Equalizer?


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I have an RME ADI DAC2 that has 20 presets for a 5 band equalizer. It allows for amplitude and width of each band. The problem is that I find myself getting up and changing the settings because a track does not sound quite right with the current track and I don't remember what preset to use. I am using a Windows notebook and Tidal as my music server. 

I see that there are Windows based equalizers out there, some free some not. I'm thinking that I can adjust EQ using Remote Desktop. Any thoughts or recommendations?



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I have the Same DAC and I also use Windows. It has a parametric. Eq and a standard shelving type eq that can be adjusted by the remote. Why not set the parametric oncd and be done with it and use the tone controls (also adjustable) to flavor.  If you need that much eq, perhaps repositioning speakers is in order....? 

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I have this Waves VST/VST3 plugin, but never installed it. The whole Waves licensing is a bit crazy so I hadn't used it. Right now it's only $29. 1/3 octave, stereo/mono, 44.1, 38, 88.2, 96k sample rate.





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There are a lot of EQ products on the market.  Melda makes a range of equilizers, one of which is free, and two of which are "automatic".  I assume it's semi-automatic based on the spectra used in a reference track.



I don't personally use any of these, preferring instead to demaster my tracks using Audacity so that I don't have to use an EQ plugin at playback time.



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@Chris A
The Melda licensing is much easier than the Waves. Similar to what My Harrison Mixbus DAW does.


My FL Studio has great licensiing. You buy it once and you can upgrade free for life, and like Melda, put it on any computer you own.

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On 10/1/2021 at 11:40 PM, Westcoastdrums said:

I use a SMIDGE of parametric and only use tone controls in a subtractive manner for poor recordings. Never felt the need to adjust further.   What are you correcting that is so far off out of curiosity?

Sorry for the late reply, the corrections I needed were male vs female vocals and piano. Much of it I believe is related to break-in period. New Amp,  new crossovers, new drivers, new dac.


I installed Equalizer APO on the Windows 10 server and use a remote connection to a small laptop to control the levels. 


A relative recommended a DEQX unit for auto correction, but can't spend any more this year.

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