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Quad Operational Amplifier


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The LT1014 is the first precision quad operational amplifier that directly upgrades designs in the 14-pin DIP LM324/LM348/OP-11/4156 pin configuration, which is industry standard. When compared to single operational amplifiers, it is no longer necessary to compromise specifications in order to save board space and money.

The LT1014 qualifies as four truly precision operational amplifiers due to its low offset voltage of 50V, drift of 0.3V/°C, offset current of 0.15nA, gain of 8 million, common mode rejection of 117dB, and power supply rejection of 120dB. Because there are no offset null terminals in the quad configuration, the low offset voltage is especially important. Despite the fact that the supply current is only 350µA pe,




To learn more about this article, you can go here:  Quad Operational Amplifier

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