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1 hour ago, Travis In Austin said:

@wuzzzer and @Invidiosulus please keep flaging the spammers. Unfortunately, if they start the thread, like the Restoring Deleted Music post, it hides the entire thread, sorry about that guys. 


I don't approve of anybody who posts a first-time message that isn't Klipsch or at least audio-related. What Book are You Reading, Non-profits, etc. they don't get approved by me, if I'm on call when they come up for approval I don't. If they are approved before I see it then need the alerts to catch them. If you haven't posted Klipsch in your first 5 posts I get rid of them. They seem to be sneakier now, they don't post a hidden hyperlink on their first post, wait for a few posts. It is a constant pattern, probably the same off-shore people.


Either they make money on the click-throughs on the hyperlinks, or they are trying to find access to also run scams in the Garage Sale. Most, not all, have been less than 5 posts so they can't PM. But there is one at about 15. 


I have been meaning to thank both of you for what you have been doing, please keep doing it as I can't keep up with all of them. 



There is a pattern to the way they write that becomes recognizable.

I’ve also noticed that their posts don’t usually have any links at first but get edited to include a link to whatever it is that they are pushing, sometimes minutes or hours and sometimes days later.


I’m glad to help and I’ll reporting anything suspicious.



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