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Multiple Klipsch Speakers - Salt Lake City


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Heritage Kipsch. Klipschorn, Chor… | Electronics | ksl.com

(not my ad)

1990 Klipschorn -- $4200

1992 Chorus II -- These are the desirable ones with 15" on back side -- $1500 These are in walnut with black cloth, and in exceptional condition for their age.

1986 Cornwall II -- New Crites crossover with Titanium tweeters were installed recently. The change is astounding. The sound rivals the mightly Khorn -- $1500

1998 KLF 30 -- If you like bass, these have it! Dual 12" woofers in each cabinet. Relatively few of these were made and therefore they can be very hard to find. $900

KLF 10 -- cabinets are in fair condition. For $400, you can't go wrong. VERY strong bass from dual 10". Titanium driver installed recently.

KLF 20 -- All original in good condition. $700


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That's kind of weird. These seem to be the same one's listed in the Phoenix craigslist.






Klipschorn: 1990 in great condition. $3950

Built to order for musician in Las Vegas in 1990. They came to me after his death two years ago.

Chorus II:

Cosmetics above average. All original . $1500


Cosmetics average. $600 in Crites upgrades. $1500

KLF 30

Cosmetics above average. $600 in Crites upgrades. $900

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13 hours ago, uteman1011 said:

That's interesting.  Maybe they're moving to Phoenix?  They live in my city.  Maybe I'll pop over and get the story.

I responded to this Phoenix Craigslist ad awhile back. I emailed asking a few questions and ever heard back.

What really strikes me is, I seldom EVER see higher end Klipsch speakers go up for sale in SLC. A very rare occasion!

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