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finished my Forte 1 grills


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Very nice work. I always liked the tan linen on the original Dynaco Speakers. That "Danish" influence looks very much nicer than boring old black.


I never did quite figure out why speaker designers locked onto black with such a death grip. I can't say I've ever had a house where a bunch of big black boxes "enhanced" the decor. 


Yup - nice setup there! Looks nice in the room!

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I am picking up a pair of 1's tomorrow, I watched a couple of your videos and it helped make the choice. I was torn on the Heresy 1. I had a question on the covers and the company that you got the speakers from. Did you have the speakers before and they redid them our all one purchase? I didnt see the second video on the covers, did the resto company include embedded magnets or did you add something to attach the grill covers? Thanks!

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On 6/7/2022 at 11:19 PM, Idontknow said:

They came more white in color but I felt it looked a bit too loud in appearance so I stained them in brewed coffee for a day an hung them out to dry naturally in the sun. I wanted to match them as close to my Dynaco A10’s as much as possible. I’ll get the Klipsch badges next. Pic 1


Fantastic look. 🙂

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