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anyone need a new Equipment rack!


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Fully well understand everyone has a different approach to buying and selling, and apologies if any of my comments struck a nerve.


Agree that when one prices something well below fair market value, it disappointing and offensive when a buyer knowing he is getting a good deal will try to beat down a price further, to some it is a sport.  When I come across such a deal I simply offer the buyer his price, happy I think I'm getting a good deal.


As for lowballers, referring to those that immediately offer 10% of asking price and then barely budge from there.  Not good faith bargaining in my opinion and greatly offensive.

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when ever I am selling something and someone makes an offer that is below my expectations, I NEVER feel insulted or put out... I just move on.


in essence, something is only as valuable as what someone is willing to pay... whether its a gold bar or a oak equipment rack.

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