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Taming the highs


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Anyone have any advice on how to tame the highs and massage a little more mids out of a pair of klf-30's? I am driving them with an Integra DTR-7.1. It just seems like these speakers should sound a little better than they do. They are positioned about 6' apart and about 10" from the wall with a slight inward angle. Any input would be appreciated.


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Ceedog.....How far away is your listening position? Moving the speakers a few inches further from the back wall "in my opinion", isn't going to make much of a difference in you problem area. Now your lower frequencies might tighten up a bit, but your asking about taming the highs and improving your midrange. I'd suggest looking at some different interconnect cables. Most higher end stores will loan pairs out for trials. I don't know what your using for interconnects now, but that might be a quick and easy fix to your problem. I highly suggest Transparent Audio cables. Nothing I have ever done to my system made such a dramatic improvement than just swapping in those two pairs of interconnects. Good Luck

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