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Phono Stage Assistance Please


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Greetings! I own a Rotel RA-1592MKII Integrated Amp with a phono input. I was advised that the phono stage in this Rotel is not very good so I purchased a Rega MM MK5 phono stage. I have done A/B comparisons and have not been able to hear any differences. The specs on the Rotel are phono input is 5.2mV and the Rega is 1.7 mV for 200mV output. They both have a 47k resistance on the phono input. Frequency response on the Rotel is 20Hz - 20 kHz +0.5 dB and the Rega is 15Hz (-3dB) to 100 kHz (-0.2dB). I'm not sure what other specs would be significant for comparison but any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I should also mention that my turntable is a Rega Planar 3 with an Ortofon Bronze cartridge. Oh and of course Klipsch speakers!

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Don't have any experience with either, but it could be that the Rega is truly no better than the Rotel. Both are budget components. I say trust your ears and hopefully you have a return option for the Rega phono stage.


That doesn't mean it's the end of the line for your upgrade path. A good phono stage is most important in the analog chain. But with your table/cart. combo, you run the risk of overshooting the mark. If you can up your budget a little and don't mind shopping on the used market, I recommend something like this:



Audio Research

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