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WTB KD-15 Forte II passive


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The Forte III replacement has a logo on the dustcap. That logo will end up 22.5 degrees out of level due to the mounting pattern alignment not being the same between those models. The fitment is not exactly the same either. Some material from the Klipsch Forte II cabinet will need to be removed. Also, the replacement will not fit flush like the original, due to the basket being slightly thicker. The parts department may or may not return your request for parts, a known issue. The availability of used parts on the market is currently zero, but it has been this way for many years. The passive radiator is the most commonly requested replacement part for these speakers. There has never been a direct replacement program put into place since these products went out of production decades ago. What parts were available were swept up a long time ago.


If anyone wants to say any of these things are not true, please back up your comments with proof, or better yet, measurements and inventory levels.



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