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Thoughts on Klipsch KI-396 for HT?


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Hi all, first post here. I’ve been looking to upgrade my L/R and a pair of Klipsch KI-396-SMA-IIs went up for sale locally at a good price ($2500 CAD). I hadn’t considered the pro line for HT before and have been reading up on these, but have heard great things and am tossing the idea around.


I do about 70% movies and 30% music and currently have Axiom M80v4 L/R powered by a NAD M25 and sit about 11 feet away. My HT is in my basement, which is open concept, 18’x25’x8’ and takes up a little more than half of it, and main seating position is a large L-couch.


I am assuming that I’m good for power, and I don’t listen super loud, but am unsure about the proximity to the speakers and clarity across multiple seating positions, as these aren’t primarily designed for home use. Thoughts?


I appreciate any insight in advance. Thanks!

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A third KI-396-SMA-II would be the ideal center.  If you can't fit one vertically, there is (or at least was) a horizontal version made for horizontal center channel use.  I know that @Paducah Home Theater has sold some.  Contact them to see if this is still available.  (Picture courtesy of Cory Harrison from a Klipsch Owners Facebook group post of his.)



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