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Need a Monitor Cord...


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I think this is HDMI to HDMI BUT, one of them is SMALL.  I have been to two locations and so far, nobody has anything close.


Anyone able to conclusively tell me "ok, dummy......  THIS is what you need"  I don't mind ordering it, I'm ok driving into town to buy it.  Since I live 20 miles out of town, I don't want to drive in without knowing exactly what I need so I can verify they have it!


It goes from my Laptop to an Asus "signature monitor" so I have a second monitor that I use and this provides the video signal ALONG with being able to (evidently) process someone's signature.


I say evidently because it ALSO has a USBC cord (if I recall name correctly, SAME cord that's used in/on my Android phone)  


Anyway, I CAN get the screen to work with the USBC cord but so far, no signature.  The USBC will also provide some power but ultimate, they told me to use both.  


This cord has frayed INSIDE of it so it's very touch & go to get it to work at all, not to mention to work 'properly'.




I need to replace it.







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No manual, it's not a laptop, it's a stand alone monitor that doubles as a signature pad.


That said.....I have it!


I just went ahead & drove into town.  Took me three stops.  I was unable to find a replacement cord per se', but, I was able to get a HDMI to (whatever it is) adapter.  So bought the adapter, bought a HDMI line and it's now working fine.  So it was a bad wire inside the cabling.


One of the guys at store said they stopped making this something like 10 years ago under the logic that USB-C will/did replace it.


It's nice having my signature pad working....  I only need it 10 times a day it seems and if it's cutting out on me, it really makes things difficult!


(they disallow paper signatures)


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