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Fuse burns when switched on (RSW-12)


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Hello. I have a Klipsch model RSW-12
15 years. Yesterday I turned on the button, there was a bang. I checked the fuse, it turned out to be burned. I set a new one, turned on the button, and again the fuse burned out. I have little knowledge of radio engineering and tools. I ask for repair advice. Thank you.

I have a scheme, but only for the model RSW-15.

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Buy an external subwoofer with an amp maybe?  Buy the new version sub and hope it lasts longer?  Seems sub amps for years were built using some cheapo capacitors that had a short life span.  I went through the same things with a Sunfire HRS-12 powered sub that I've owned since 2007.  I've replaced the main filter caps and some smaller ones and it's worked fine for years now.  But, it's doing something again and I will probably send it to a tech and have him go through it.  Cheaper than buying something new that will most likely fail in a short time.  Everything is built with planned obsolescence anymore.  Especially in last 20 years.  Manufacturers literally told us that back when I was a rep for home A/V and car audio companies from 2001 till 2009 when the market went to crap.  I got out of it then.

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