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Weight Capacity of Klipsch RP-504C Center Speaker


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Hello everyone,


I am considering placing a TCL 85C845 TV on top of my Klipsch RP-504C center speaker. The weight of this TV with its stand is approximately 99.4 lbs (45.1 kg). I am curious to know if the RP-504C can support this weight.

I've searched online for relevant information but couldn't find a definitive answer. I would greatly appreciate any insights or experiences shared by members of this community.


Thank you in advance!

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@billybob @OO1 Thank you both for your valuable insights. I've done some research based on your suggestions:


1. On Amazon, the J-foot seems to be suitable only for TVs up to 70 inches.
2. I also came across a mention on BestBuy stating that the speaker has a maximum weight capacity of 70 lbs.
3. Lastly, I found another potential solution on Amazon that might address my needs.


I truly appreciate your assistance and guidance. Thanks again!

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Could it be wall mounted, I did it and love it.  A full motion mount, it's easy to tilt out on one side or both to deal with wires but the best part is it can be tilted to a perfect angle to aim at the seating position. Solved a bunch of problems for me.


65" tv at 65 lbs, that mount holds 80 lbs but there are many that holds much more, this was about $50.



speakers (52).jpg

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