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Someone gave me a bose sub once, the little box that went with the cube satellites. I broke it open to look inside and it looked like a cheap 4" speaker worth about $3. It was really sad, now if they charged like $99 for the whole set you could understand, but not even close.

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Bose radio?  lol  My mother called bullshit on that thing.  My BIL had a pair of 901's long ago so then all of a sudden they bought the Wave and just raved about how "wonderful" it sounded. 


That Christmas they bought one for my mom's kitchen.  About 2 weeks later I walked in the kitchen and asked how her new radio sounded.  She just looked at me and said "terrible.  You want it?"   😂


I said nope, so she said she was gonna tell my sister to take it back,  Week or so later it was gone.  She told her so she took it home for their guest room so she could impress their grandkids.  She prolly stressed how it was the latest greatest radio on the planet..   😂   Yea, my life around here is full of BULLSHIT!  :)


Gotta hand it to my BIL though, after he heard my rig he grew a pair.  He bought his big old Sony high dollar TV and put a Klipsch system on it.  Don't ask cause I dunno and really don't care.  Loved watching his jaw drop listening to my rig.  All he could say was WOW!   😂

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