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NFL and 'Sunday Ticket' question...


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Now that the dust has settled....the rest of the story....


First, thanks for the help!  It's not 100% working but I'm getting there.


Falling on my sword..... (first, a preface comment that EVERYTHING in the house is wired to internet.  I have a wireless router but I have things plugged into it)


I was totally expecting to have to plug this dongle thing into my router because EVERYTHING I have, is plugged into the router.  So that was a major revelation for me.  Even as I took it out of the box, I was looking for the jack to plug into router....  I then had an 'Ah-ha" moment.


Internet provider is coming out in 2-weeks to install new modem and router.  I upped the data package so need an upgrade.  I still can't get the upstairs unit connected to router, basement unit (the important one) does work fine however, very slow as I've used my fast data and am on their disabled data feed until month renews or new installation gets here.


Learned that my router has a couple names on it.  Not sure how that happened, but it did.  So to somplify, we'll just say name 1 & 2.


Logged into the router, my cell phone is able to see same router ("1") and I got the basement done pretty much first try.  Upstairs unit however, saw name "2" BUT, my phone is seeing name "1" so took me a bit to get that ironed out. 


Since I know so little about this, it's a bit disorganized.....but am getting there.  


I appreciate the help & guidance. 



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You could always just reset the router and start over.  The tag on the bottom should have the default password and the IP address to log in with.  What "unit" is upstairs that won't connect?  Wired connections are definitely the best but things do work quite well on 2.4 and 5ghz wifi when need be.  I have 3 access points in my house that have 3 different wifi networks on them.  A 2.4ghz that covers all my IoT devices (internet of things) smart plugs, smart switches, two Nest thermostats, etc., then a 2.4ghz network for anything that can't connect to a 5ghz network.    Most don't do  that but will usually give you the option for two wifi networks....single 2.4 and 5.  2.4ghz goes a farther distance than 5 but 5ghz has more throughput.


I personally use Amazon Firesticks on 3 TV's but it depends on which "eco-system" you work with more.  I do Google Home because of thermostats and other things I can do but like the Firesticks better, personally.  I don't pay for satellite and we're not huge sports fans where I have to see every college or pro game.  I just watch what's available and use ESPN app and a couple others to watch college ball for what I don't get over local channels.  I despise paying for overpriced worthless TV.

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2 hours ago, Coytee said:

getting there.  


I appreciate the help & guidance. 



as long as you have a WIFI router in the house , the Google TV can pick up the signal ,     you  will need to enter  your  FREE google account info into the dongle using the remote    ,once the account is identified , the dongle can search for available   WIFI networks to connect to 


 Power the google TV , wait for the google tv menu screen to pop up , then using the google tv remote only , we can  detect for the WIFI network of the house  


Here 's a video that shows you what to do  ,  the Google TV remote has a wheel at the top  with left-right-up-down -enter   in the center and a back button at the bottom left of the wheel , these are the only 2 controls we will  be using .


scroll up with the wheel of the remote until you are at the top bar , then click the wheel to the far right , click again  on Settings   where you'll  see an Avatar , down  to  networks ,   WIFI , search for your home WIFI network , enter the password of the WIfi router ,  and Voila 


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