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NFL and 'Sunday Ticket' question...


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Been doing the Sunday Ticket now for 15/20 years.  I've perused through the channels that would be associated with Sunday games....and they're missing....  keep digging and I find out that Sunday Ticket is no longer with/on Direct TV but other means.


This bites for my circumstances.  I'm presuming (without knowing) that it's now going to be a download which means computer which means my other satelite will carry it not my DTV satellite.


I have bandwidth issues but they may be surmountable.


My question is....  what exactly do I need, to go from nothing, to being able to watch the various games.


Can I record them like I do on my DTV?  I like to record them during the day when I'm outside getting work done and when finished for the day, go watch the game I wanted to see.


Having just discovered this, I essentially have 2-3 days to get this figured out and associated parts collected/installed.


Who, ME, have his head buried in the sand for as long as this may have been known?  



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I've got a moment to breath....


I've been driving 300 miles/day....  having 8-12 meetings when I go on site....  I now have a 7mm kidney stone, was in ER for 6 hours yesterday (to confirm I had a stone, which is what I told them when I walked in)


Here's what I don't know.


I have a TV (don't know brand, it's in other room) BUT it has several inputs.


How do, or CAN I, get the game on the tv rather than streaming it to my computer or phone.  I really don't want that option (but, if it's that or the highway, I'm suddenly open to it!)


If I got (pardon my ignorance here) a Roku stick... does that interact with my satellite?  

Can I record any of these events to time shift them?



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 Google TV Chromecast  runs on WIFI   or ethernet cable    ,  make sure to purchase  the 4K version    , no need for a computer or phone , the dongle has it's own remote control  to navigate on the internet without  the  TV remote  ,  watch Youtube  content   for free  .....sports , movies , etc  

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12 hours ago, Coytee said:

interesting dtuff, thank you.  ive never done any streaming and am quite ignorant on how it works and parts needed

  no parts needed ,   connect  the Chromecast Google TV  4k into the HDMI port of the TV  , insert the charger  into an outlet or insert the USB cable into the TV USB port ( less the charger )  , the Chromecast prompts you to  add  your WIFI router password and voila , with your google TV remote, you are surfing over the internet with Google TV   .......VIP ,  buy the 4k  Google TV device , the HD  versions are obsolete as far as the picture quality  

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