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Heresy ii's cutting out


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First post here so here I go.  I've got a pair of Heresy ii's I bought new in 86 (I think).  I have the hooked up to a Carver AVR100, also bought around the same time, so both in use for nearly 40 years (damn I feel old now).  Recently the right channel side would just stop, or come in and out intermittingly.  I would switch the speaker select from A to A&B and it would sometimes resolve itself.  I had figured it was a Carver issue, so took it to the hi-fi shop where they tested it and could not find anything wrong.  I got it home, hooked it up and soon same issue.  I hooked up an old speaker to the right channel and it worked just fine, so now it looks like the Klipsch is the issue.  Would replacing the crossovers be a good start to solving this issue?  They have not been abused over the years and I do like the sound.  Is there a easy way to test the crossover, and do they eventually fail?  

Thanks for any insight


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Have you swapped the Heresy’s left and right?

It’s possible the other speaker you tried isn’t presenting the same load on the amp.


It’s not completely unheard of for there to be an issue with the solder joints at the input jacks or elsewhere on the crossover.


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On 12/5/2023 at 5:54 PM, Schlaboatnic said:

I hooked up an old speaker to the right channel and it worked just fine

Same cable as the Heresy II?


Short story...

I have my Heresy IIs up on some large speaker cabinets I'm working on. Moved my right channel Heresy one weekend, to work on the large cab. Later, with everything back in place, I had some tunes going to the Heresy IIs, and I notice the right channel is breaking up and not as loud.I turned up the right channel and see the amp clip light is lit up. Hmmm... shut everything down. Looking as the back of the HII, there was a single strand of wire shorting out the connection. They were plugged into a Crown amp, so it did keep working, just didn't like it. Once I cleaned up the termination on the speaker all is well. 


So... make sure when you got your Heresy IIs hooked back up that the wiring is all good, on both ends.

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