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60th Anniversary Klipschorns - No corner needed


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Just to close the happy-ending on this purchase…here is a video of these speakers now setup in my room.  I may need to raise my HT screen. BTW - it was almost comical with me (65) and Glynn (70+) loading these into my rental cargo van. The things we do. Last post - I promise:). 


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59 minutes ago, Khornukopia said:

Did I catch a glimpse of a Marantz power amplifier in your video? I have a 300 DC for a set of Klipschorns at my place.

Yes you did…good eyes.  I have the corresponding preamp and tuner sitting in the closet. Using a Denon 7.1 receiver to drive the HT…with the Klipschorns driven by the Marantz amp.  We’re “brothers”😁


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