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Heritage I, II or III


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So I now have a chance to buy some Heresy IIIs for $800. But they are not consecutive serial numbers. What do you think? Is that a big issue?


I could also buy some Heresy I-E that do have consecutive serial numbers for $650.


And I could buy some Heresy IIs that do have consecutive serial numbers for $750. 

Which would you go with and why?

I was originally set on 1s because  I wanted to go full vintage / analog / tube amp setup. But I hear the 3s are much better… would they fit that style of sound as well as the 1s?



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Usually, but mostly for marketing purposes, version III is better than II is better than I, with anything. But those

improvements aren't necessarily radical. I think the "consecutive serial number" business was created because

they would share matching veneers. Good for resale but has nothing to do with sound.


Get the Is if you want vintage for an all-vintage setup. Whether the cabinets need repairs and if you're capable

of the work is up to you. Also, they're the cheapest. If they're the plywood models then they're badazz lookin'!


Get the IIs well, just because of the consecutive serial number jazz. I have IIs and they're fine.


Get the IIIs because they're the latest and greatest of your choices, you think you'll hear a difference, the peanut gallery

won't bug you with REPLACE THE CAPACITORS!, and serial numberage be damned!

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3 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

A few members have responded to your other thread asking about this. 


Yep - saw that. Thanks. I reposted here to put it in the correct topic thread 

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