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SOLD: Blue Note RVG Edition CDs


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Sold, thanks Klipsch forums!


I've got 6 wonderful Blue Note RVG CDs up for grabs. Pick any 2 and I'll ship them to your door for $25 or all 6 for $70 shipped.


I've been tracking down a lot of these to see how they stack up against vinyl. Somethin' Else is an all time classic. The others are more on the hard side (read expensive) to track down. 4 of these I had to source from Ireland of all places. You can see the EU copy protection logo on three of them. So "rare" if you are into that sort of thing. They play fine on all CD players and RIP to FLAC/Wav without issue. I've never really been sure about the US vs EU versions of CDs but some do have different UPCs and Label numbers on Discogs.


Some have alternate takes not on the original albums.


PM if you need additional info or pix. One has a cut-out slice on the spine. All the physical CDs look virtually untouched. Somethin' Else was new in the shrink-wrap when I opened it up for a single spin.


Oh, the best part if you only want Freddie Hubbard's Breaking Point and have money to burn, some nut job has it on ebay for $99.79...no joke











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29 minutes ago, richieb said:

I’ll take ‘em


You got it, check your PMs. You are going to love that Joe Henderson disc.


14 minutes ago, Schu said:

damn it


Sorry man, just grab that Breaking Point off ebay for ~100 and call it a day. You got the (bit) coin. 😉

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