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MC30 pair

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22 hours ago, frt8dog said:

Very nice work John!  I’m always amazed with folks like yourself. Meticulous with attention to detail,  and it shows in your labor.  Excellent!  I had a pair many moons ago driving a pair of ‘78 Klipschorns!  Terry DeWick did his magic with them.  Sounded wonderful, typical McIntosh with Klipsch! Awesome combo!



I too owned MC30s which I sold many, many years ago.  I liked them enough but really didn't use them and, at the time, preferred having the cash (June 1988).  I've reworked a few pair of MC30s and have done a few chassis replacements on other McIntosh amps, but this was the first MC30 with a chassis replacement.  I have a pair of MC40s in the que for the same.


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Here's something you don't see, a %THD v. power plot for a pair of MC30s.  The output tubes are new make, matched pairs from JJ (6L6GC), rectifier is also new make JJ 5U4GB.  The small signal tubes (preamp 12AX7, phase inverter 12AU7, voltage amp 12BH7 and driver tube 12AX7) are all vintage.  The amp pair is shown.  Load is 8 Ohm non-inductive power resistor.  Plot shows that both amps produce about 30W RMS with <0.4% THD. 



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