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Just returned from my local Denon dealer.Went

to check out a 3801.The store is HiFiBuys on Crestwood Blvd.in Birmingham.After looking around about 30 minutes,and noticing that the

help there apparently had lots to b*ll sh!t about,one of the salesmen? approached me and asked if I "was finding everything".I replied

"No,no I'm not".At which time he turned and walked away.

My General Question is biggrin.gifoes anyone know an Internet UNauthorized seller that would like to sell above reciever and is trustworthy?

Thanks,and good luck spending your money.


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As much as I did relish the idea that Uncle's did give me the best price on my KLF-20's I do have to give a slight review. To Talk to anyone on the phone that is using English as their primary language would be an extreme rarity. Then after the sale and receipt of my order I had to just short of threaten them to send me the sales receipt. When I did get the receipt it was hand written with the correct total but the breakdown prices were wrong (product+shipping). It took a total 5 e-mails, 4 phone calls and 3 1/2 weeks to get the aforementioned paper. The original product I ordered, however came on time and without incident from a private trucking company. Good luck!!



KLF-20 Mahogany

Carver Receiver MXR-150

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Carver TL-3100 CD

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

dbx 3bx Series Two (mothballed)

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 300 mk II

Original 12ga. Monster Cable

dbx 200 (mothballed)

dbx nx-40 (can't believe I still own this thing! Mothballed)

Technics R&B Series SB-7 (mothballed)

Technics R&B Series SB-3 (mothballed)

Yamaha NS-W2 (mothballed)

SAE 5000A (mothballed but perfect shape)

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