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Vegas Baby...Vegas!!!


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Hey all,

Heading out to Vegas in a few weeks, taking the girl and another couple are coming with us. We are staying for 3 days and two nights at the Mirage and was wondering if anyone can provide some insight on what shows to see, clubs to hit up, and placed to eat. So far we are thinking about Mystere, O, and Mamma Mia, dinner one night at Aqua, and probably doing a lot of gaming at the Hard Rock. The Celine show looks to be sold out (not that I am upset about it), but is it worth $300 plus for a ticket?

Also how much will a cab/limo cost to get me to go the shortest route to the Mirage? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I'm going in July! Haven't been in a couple of years. You should definately have a cocktail at sunset up on the Stratusphere. If you're into the club scene; the Ra at the Luxor was pretty HOT! I hear the Palms is the place to be now. Vegas is like a whole other world, you should have a blast.2.gif

Oh yeah love the Swingers line: Vegas Baby... Vegas!

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Figure 20 or so bucks by Taxi it's about 15.00 to New New York/Excalibur. It's not the distance just all the traffic lights. Heard both good and bad about O and Mystere so your guess is good as mine. Saw the Blue Man Group at the Luxor way cool and Rita Rudner at NYNY funny lady!

Food well skys the limit all of the casinos have some type of fancy resturant and most have buffets for the exception of NYNY and The Venetian.

To be seen the Forum shops at Ceaser's has Spago's etc and the Venetian has several along the canal.

For buffets though I'd recommend the Festival buffet at the Rio it's truly the Fatman's Shangri-La 110 yards of food!

Also a 24/7 Krispy Kreme at Excalibur (second floor)1.gif

Have Fun!

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$15--$20 for the cab. If you want a room upgrade slip the registration clerk between $20--$50 when asked for a credit card and say you would appreciate an upgrade if possible (be sure to smile). Shows I have seen and really enjoyed: Blue Man Group--Seigfried & Roy (at the Mirage)--The Beliago water show and the main show there, and many others mentioned here. Hard to get a bad meal. Reservations are a must at the more upscale places. It is impossible not to have fun in Vegas!1.gif

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Take the cab. If you take the shuttle it takes forever. Do the upgrade it is nice. The pool should be done by now. There is a little place right in the middle of the casino, it is really good. They have pizza and pasta. Doesn't look like much but trust it is really good. I have seen circus o lay, it was pretty good. I would probally see it again. Have fun and I probally missed you but I thought I would through my two sense in

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Shows: Mystre (Treasure Island), Amazing Johnathon (Golden Nugget) and the "O" show (Bellagio)

Restaruants: Spago's (Forum Mall - Casears Palace), The Nine's (Palms), Smith and Wellynski's (accross from Monte Carlo), Hugo's Cellar (4 Queens Freemont St) I have also been told that there is a modern high end place in Mandalay Bay it might have been Aeros and an excellent Italian place in Bellagio overlooking the fountains.

It's a fun place for sure, I love it!



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