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Adding to Aiwa system

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I have this Aiwa "Shelf System." It is an aggressive system, it sounds great and I would like to add speakers to the system. The big dilemma is that there are two channels for each of the left and right speakers (so four ports in all). In other words there is one channel for the low frequencies and one channel for the high frequencies. Well this is an issue because when the two channels are bridged or combined the system completely shuts down! Well on most loud speakers have one port for all speaker types (subs, mids, and tweeters). What in the world can I do?


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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I did a little looking around on the Aiwa website to see if they had any info on your system. They do, and here is the URL of one of the FAQ pages.


Now, I don't know why Aiwa would have two sets of speaker outputs if it's not o.k. to connect an additional set of speakers, but they do warn that this could damage your system. Their systems are designed only to use the speakers they supply. They've got alot of material on their systems. Worth taking a look at.

Take care, and enjoy the music!

Best regards,


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My girlfriend has an Aiwa system similar to what your describing. Hers too has two sets of binding posts for each channel as well. The binding posts for each channel is different on hers though. One set is the standard push-spring-and-insert-wire type and the other is the even cheaper RCA-plug type that you see on interconnects. I'm almost certain that this is only to give the unit some versitility in connecting an alternate pair of speakers, not in addition to the ones that came with the unit. Although both of these types of binding posts suggest that Aiwa doesn't expect a quality speaker to be connected to it.

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