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Quintets for sale or trade

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Please see my same post under the Home Theater section for complete details.

Mint Condition, original center and four matching satellites (all black) with universal mounting brackets.

Would consider trade for:

RF3's or

SF-2's with SS-1's or

SB-3's with SS-1's or

just suprise me with a reasonable offer. Email/private message to bloomis914@aol.com

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Originally posted by Jim Cornell:

Quintets are a dime a dozen on E-BAY youll have no luck on this here!!

Regards Jim

Au contraire! If they were white, I'd be looking at buying them from Bloomis. I just ordered a set of white ones from a place in Vegas I know nothing about. Personally, I'd much rather deal with a somewhat known entity (a frequent poster on this board) than a complete stranger from Ebay...JMO.


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When I check Ebay, no one is ever selling the matching center or selling the complete system......I could be wrong as I don't shop at EBAY for the same reasons as Doug Drake (thanks Doug).

Maybe I'll just keep them and convert my 3 year olds bedroom into the ultimate home theater for disney movies only!!!!!!!!

There' got to be someone who has an extra powered sub or speakers and would be looking to swap??

I am an optimistic guy.


My main Klipsch system:

KLF-30's Bi-wired



KSW-15 Front Sub

KSW-100 Rear Sub

Monster cable 14 gauge in-wall cable

Niles wall plates

Marantz SR-8000

Toshiba SD-4205 5 DVD changer

Pioneer PDF-1007 301-CD changer

Mitsubishi 35"

Mitsubishi VCR

Pioneer VSX-608 Multi-room amp for Outdoor deck

Polk All-weather AW2's deck speakers

Niles in-wall volume controls

Fridge full of beer and plenty of Don Julio, Jagermeister and Jim Beam

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I'm not sure I'd use the term powerful to describe their sound, but that's all relative. What are the front/center speakers you are using? The Quintets are great rear speakers when you have Quintet or even small Synergy front speakers. But if you have Reference or other fronts, I think the Quintets would be outgunned, even just for surround use (IMHO, of course).


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