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Noob to Klipsch


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Klipsch awesome!

I have just started receiving my new RF7s and RC7. I am so pumped! After a 2 hour drive for a demo. Remarkable! My only complaint is that I did not listen to a set of RF35, or RF5s first, I might have saved a bunch.lol

I have been so out of the HT loop for , I always enjoyed my old stuff, I never felt the need to upgrade.

I have not purchased any Home stereo equip. since the 80s. So I will be hard pressed to learn connections and Bi-wiring , along with everthing else that comes with HT. I would like to ask if anyone might know a good reference for a NooB like me,(book or Mag)so I wont be posting questions every 5 min. I mean we all have to learn sometime.

You see I have a stack of unopened boxes sitting in my living room, with all my new equipment, just waiting for the rest of the speakers to come in the mail. From what I have read in the manuals so far....this aint my fathers HT!

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A nice, clean, easy and simple to read one with lots of colorful diagrams is Crutchfield's Audio/Visual Reference Manual. It's the thickness of a magazine, and although they usually ship one free whenever you buy something from them, I think it's available for purchase alone.

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"If you have the time, just write a long, to the point post that just lists all your questions in a laundry list. People here are always open to helping otheres. "

That is very true. The members of this forum have been very helpful to me with some of my questions. (I am a fellow newbie...) However, some of us just are not sure of what questions even need to be asked.

FYI-there was a book listed on the home page of the Klipsch website fairly recently that may be just what you are looking for. I haven't noticed it lately, but it may still be somewhere on this site.


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buy the AVIA home theater setup disk....find it online....

IT explains HT and things...and also has some good setup tests for audio and video...really a good thing to have.....

Also get a SPL meter....radio shack has a decent one enough for the job of balancing speaker output..

good luck and enjoy

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