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More info for Arkansas Klipsch Forum Gathering

Daddy Dee

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RE: Arkansas Forum Gathering -- Saturday May 8th

location: my place -- Scott, AR near LR Airport

Several folks posted requests for info on Lodging and Things to do around Little Rock.

the other Arkansas gathering thread:


Here's a few places to check out. Some, like the Arkansas Children's Theatre production of Pinnochio are especially kid friendly. There are a number of places in the Ozarks or other scenic spots to make a nice weekend, if desired.

Feel free to email or PM me with questions. We'd sure like to hear from you if you can make it. We've got offers to provide valet service from the airport and even lodging in one member's home.



Arkansas Twisters vs TN Valley Vipers -- Arena Football 7:00 p.m. Sat. May 8


Peabody with the ducks,


check out the special rate for this weekend, as low as $87. A very good deal for the Peabody. The Peabody is right on the Arkansas river. River view rooms are quite pleasant.

Capital Hotel -- This is a grand old hotel. Opened in 1876. Elegant. Across Street from Peabody - Convenient to RiverFront Park and RiverMarket District.


DoubleTree Hotel -- also on the Arkansas River.


Embassy Suites -- good lodging--not too far from downtown


Radisson - downtown Little Rock


HOLIDAY INN - AIRPORT 8-10 minutes from the gathering


Hot Springs - Historic Bath Houses - Elegant old hotels - Take a bath - get a massage - nice place to hang out. Sorry, Oaklawn Park Racing Season will be over by then. You'll need to come early if you want to bet on the ponies. Regional theme park.


River market - Great place to stroll the River - Lots of restaurants, shops, bars, entertainment.


For Browsing Info


Trout Fishing on the White River -- World Record -- one of two world record trout streams. You might also want to check out Little Red River. 1988 World Record Brown Trout 38lbs. 8oz caught on the Norfork River

http://www.gastons.com/ Gaston's a nice place to start looking.


Arkansas Folk Center Mtn view


Blanchard Springs Caverns - near Mountain View and Arkansas Folk Center


ARKANSAS ARTS CENTER - CHILDREN's Theatre production of Pinnochio - link below

The AAC is worth a stroll through for adults, too.



Museum of Discovery -- another kid friendly destination


MEMPHIS IN MAY -- Beale Street worth the time for a soulful stroll anytime.






Check out Petit Jean and Mt.Nebo State Parks at:


PLANTATION AGRICULTURE MUSEUM: located between my house and Cotham's Mercantile




Other State Park Info:


FOR THOSE INTO ANTIQUES: Morris Antiques at Keo, AR. 8 miles from Scott. I've been there. People who like antiques will enjoy browsing through eight buildings full of American and Europen antiques. Also, Charlottes Eats and Sweets is a must stop for lunch place if in Keo.

MARLSGATE PLANTATION -- My daughter wants to have her wedding reception here.




TENNESSEE ACQUARIUM -- especially for Colin -- Chattanooga TN is 480 miles from LR -- It's a little far for a day trip, but hey, it's right on the way if you are driving from Florida.


HOPE, AR -- link to newspaper article on recent Klipsch dedication


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I was thinking about adding that same attraction. I had a chance to stop there when I was in Hope for Mr. Paul's book signing. Actually, I didn't stop, as I was driving back to Little Rock to audition Tony Reed's Klipsch collection. That was a treat, but I wondered what the diamond mine was like. Maybe someday I'll check it out. This gathering sounds like a lot of fun.

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I can tell you exactly what a diamond mine is like...been there, done that...Aunt found the diamond though. It's a big open field of dirt. Blazing hot durring the summer. You can come and dig to your hearts content in hopes of finding a diamond. Lots of people do. You get to keep what you find. I've been several times and all I found was a sunburn. There have been some big ones found...The museum is pretty interesting. The only place in the US where you can find diamonds. I want to say the only place in North America...but don't quote me on that. It's good dirty fun...just don't go in the middle of summer unless you're looking for a heatstroke.3.gif

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I was told by one of the locals many years ago the proper technique for diamond hunting. That is, that you wait until after the park service plows up the ground to expose some new material. Then you hope for a rain shower that will clean off the diamonds that are near the surface. When the sun comes back out, you just look for the "shine" and go pick them up. The locals told me that they think that accounts for close to 90 percent of the diamond finds.


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That's good advice. I'll certainly keep that in mind. I wonder how often the park service does their plowing? It would be neat to find one, and I had given serious thought about going when I was there, maybe finding a nice one to give as a gift to my wife who puts up with my audio habits. Then again, she's got a pretty nice one already. What sort of diamonds are found there, quality and size-wise?

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Yep they told you right. It's a very popular place after they plow the field or it rains. They say that dirt doesn't stick to the diamonds, and that "You'll know it if you find one". They've found all kinds. My Aunt's was a tiny speck. You wouldn't bother having it cut. But they found some enormous diamonds years ago. They still find good size stones of various quality. There are people who are regulars...and they know what they're looking for. They have people there that can tell you what you've found...like all the different rocks, minerals, etc. ( That would be what I found ) I can't remember if it's a bell or a siren that goes off when someone verifies they found a diamond.

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Ah, guess it's probably a good thing I didn't stop that time, as it was in the middle of March and there hadn't been much rain over the previous several days. Also, it was a Sunday, so I'm sure things had been pretty well picked over. But I bet it would be a fun time to dig around for a while.


Now that's something I'd be happy to find. I could certainly afford as much Klipsch Heritage as I wanted and still have enough diamond left over to make a nice anniversary gift!

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On 3/24/2004 7:28:25 PM IB Slammin wrote:

Whole HOG, Half Ham,
by damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you guys Nuts??

Dee promised that I would get an education in tube amplifiers, but now, we are going Snipe hunting!


Nolen Richardson


Coach, I had no idea that was you posting. Yep, tubes will indeed be the order of the day. All snipe hunting and side trips are optional! It's going to be fun.

BEC, Thanks for the link and thought on diamond hunting. Just remember that any diamonds discovered will be jointly owned by all gathering participants!9.gif

ARKYTYPE, Thanks for the offer on bringing Al Klappenberger's extreme slope balancing networks. They are now on the gear list. Been wanting to hear those rascals.

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Bumpity comment, designed to keep post on top: which hotel is the cheapest, I am looking for flights right now, which only means that I am thinking of coming, will forgo TN aquarium if it means renting a car would be interested in staying at somebodys house, if I can be so bold to impose, should I bring SPL meter and Test CDs or Coincident CST 1 rattlesnake cables? Looking for Friday night flight, so I dont have to take time off.


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Here's a little info on the Gathering's Lunch location. Actually within walking distance of my place.

Country Store and Restaurant

Downtown Scott, Arkansas

Cotham's mercantile store has a long and distinguished history in the Scott community. The present store, built in 1917, has served as a general mercantile store for area farmers and plantation owners since it's beginning. It has also served as a military commissary and a lockup for local law violators awaiting trial by a circuit riding judge. In 1984, a small eating area was opened to serve lunch to area farmers. Soon discovered by prominent politicians, notably Bill Clinton and David Pryor, the restaurant suddenly became the place to eat and greet for distinguished Arkansans from all walks of life. Cotham's now has become an institution in Arkansas, whose reputation for outstanding food in an old country store setting has gained national recognition. Our trademark Hubcap hamburgers and onion rings have won many Arkansas Times Readers Awards as the best in the state.

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HUBCAP Cheeseburber and onion rings. This picture may not reflect the scale of this burger. This is served on a serving platter. The Hubcap burger has 1lb 5oz meat patty. Bill Clinton showed the Secret Service and media entourage how to handle this big rascal. Cut the puppy in half. My wife and two daughters share a single Hubcap if they go in for a burger. The fried catfish at Cotham's also comes highly recommended.

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If you've seen Gone With the Wind, you've seen the Old Mill (in the opening shots)

This park setting is nice for strolling. There is an abundance of stone-work art done there in the 1930's by a Mexican artist who could turn some concrete mixture into amazingly realistic looking weathered wood. The railing work you see in this picture are some of the more modest examples of his work in the park. There are some entire spans of pedestrian bridges done in this style. Amazing detail.

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