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forte' I... 4 ohms or 8?


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i was pokin around on ebay today and noticed a nice new pair of forte' I's up for sale. i was scanning the pics on the listing and noticed that right next to the binding posts, this pair sayes its rated at 4 ohms. i thought all forte's were rated for 8ohms. not only that, but the sensitivity is rated at 96db on this particular set.


any ideas?

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Trey brings up a good point.

An 8 ohm rated speaker draws a range depending on the drivers used. This is why most of us old amp people drive our 8 ohm Khorns off our 4 ohm tap. The basic rule was / is try to set your amp at the lowest ohms used by your speakers.


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I have early Forte 1s and they also say 4 ohm. I had them hooked up to my tube amp at 8 ohms and they soudned verry good. I reconnected them to 4 ohms and WOW the mids opened up, the mid highs got less harsh and they have a smoother over all sound. It does take more gain on the preamp to reach the same spl though. Not much but more just the same. I uasualy listen to them at 80 to 100 db at my listening position, 3 feet from them (hey it is a small, cramped, crowded room)3.gif

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