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Belle's and TV's


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I remember some posts that dealt with this question, but was unable to locate....I want to put my TV on top of my center channel(Belle).....1) Will it support the weight? 2) Shielding...Does Klipsch make anything for this or do I need to rig a shielding set-up? Has anyone did this with a Belle? Any pics?...Thanks for your help....


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Fred - Here's a picture of the theater at the Klipsch factory.

http://y42.photos.yahoo.com/bc/willjam_99/vwp?.dir=/KFC+2001+Pt+2&.src=ph&.dnm=101-0111_IMG.JPG&.view=t&.done=http%3a//y42.photos.yahoo.com/bc/willjam_99/lst%3f%26.dir=/KFC%2b2001% 2bPt%2b2%26.src=ph%26.view=t

You'll notice in the left side a Belle with about a 32" (maybe 36") monitor on top of it. I don't remember if there was any special bracing under it -- just a finished piece of wood to protect the top, if I remember. Anyone else with a better memory for detail remember?


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The top of the Belle DID have at least two 2x4 braces, one on each side of the squawker to support the top. I can't remember if there was a steel plate to shield the TV.

Contact Trey Cannon at 1-800-KLIPSCH.


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The older Heritage speakers due to the nature of the magnets in the speakers do not require shielding. I know this from experience and remember reading an explaination but forget how it went. Can anyone enlighten us? I think LaScalas could support a stack of TV monitors and I bet the Belles are just about as solid.

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I have a heavy LWE-I Speaker (+/- 60-65lbs) sitting on each of mine toward the rear with no additional bracing and they can handle it fine. Although, they do have a piece of wood that is screwed down to the top portion in about the center of them. This is the way they came from the factory. I would say if the TV does not weigh more than 80 lbs no additional bracing would be necessary, they are very sturdily built. If you are not comfortable doing this, put some pieces of 2x4's to further reinforce it.


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DBX BX-3MkII Power Amplifier (LF/RF) (Belle's - Oak Clear/Cane Grills)

DBX BX-3MkII Power Amplifier (RR/ARR/LR/ALR) (Heresy II's (Walnut/Cane) & ESS Mini Monitors (Walnut))

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The LaScalas were often stacked 2 and 3 high at concerts if they each weigh 123 lbs, then one must support at least 246 lbs. Are the Belles constructed less well?


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Klipsch KSW-15 sub (for DVD LFEs )

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4 Klipsch KT-LCR THX Speakers

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SoundDog--The older Ks used Alnico magnet mid and tweeter drivers. The magnets are slugs inside the driver and the metal pots are the return structures. The structure of such drivers was extremely efficient in focusing magnetic energy towards the voice-coil gap and they are, in effect, shielded (though that was not the intent). I can place Altec and JBL Alnico drivers on my TV with no effect on the picture and screwdrivers and paper clips are not attracted to them in the least. But once the rear cover is removed to replace diaphragms one must be extremely careful of the powerful magnetic attraction in the pole piece-phase plug area, I've ruined new diaphragms when the screwdriver was pulled towards the phase plug and punctured the new diaphragm as I was installing it. I used an Altec 605A, which has 2 powerful Alnico magnets, as a TV stand-center speaker.

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MacKlipsch, unless your Belles are old, they do not use the "inherently sheilded" alnico magnet structures. Contact Trey at 800-klipsch and provide the s/n of the speakers. He'll tell you whether you have alnico versions and what you can do if not.

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