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O.T. Nothing makes you feel old like your 20 year high school reunion notice.


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On 2/2/2005 11:03:42 PM IndyKlipschFan wrote:

As a former DJ I want to shed some light on reunions... I have done a lot of them, and helped coordinate them too. OK, just my thoughts.. but over the years seem to be very true.


5 year..

Nothing much has heppened... yet.

Those that went to college, just got out. They are just getting started, semi broke, and trying to fit in. They are looking for a singles lifestyle extension of college... Filled with successful college grads a few years ahead of them.

Those that did not go to college have more "stuff"... Including in a lot of cases, already started families. They feel broke but hopefully out of the apartment and into their first homes.

10 year..

You start to see the differences of the paths of both sides and people starting to settle down too. Although your there to prove your the one that made it..LOL.. The one upmanship is at the peak. If you were a dud in HS and trurned your life around, this is where you show off. If you were a studd/ cutie and never did anything else, this is also where others see it too. Sadley, this is the crossraods of how many feel about themselves later after HS. You either accept it for what it, and you were.... and move on, or maybe never look back again. Think jerry Springer/Oprah look at me now makeovers. (ugly duckling becomes a model with boobs and the jock becomes a janitor at wal mart.) Women especially look better than men at this level. Old flames try and out do eachother.

20- 25 year

This or the 25th is when you return just happy to be alive. You celebrate friends and your old enimies fade away. HS was fun, your glad to see people, and hope they are of you too. Look at my kids pics.. did you see so and soo...what happened??

30- 40 -50

Look at my grandkids Hi... Now who are you again?? lol


I think small towns have better HS reunions than large cities.

It means more to them. More tied to their communities. If you were a hero in HS you may continue some of that in success in your community too. Think winning HS kid football Quarterback, now a very succesful insurance agent.

People who live city town wise close to their HS, will find an excuse not to go.. While someone who lives 2k miles away wouldn't miss it for the world. 50-100 dollars.. Hell if after 10- 20 25- 30 etc years you can't cough up 50-100 dollars to see some buddies all in one place... YOU need a better paying job!

I was very lucky to attend a large HS here in Indy. We had 1683 kids just in my class.. (yes, a HUGE HS) I was neither the dud, or a stud. But I liked a lot of people in different groups and liked the freedom to "float" in and out of circles with them too.

The key to HS and HS reunions is just to get through them. Laugh about it, laugh about yourself, concentrate during the evening on what OTHERS have done... listen to them too.. Not talking about yourself.. You will have a blast, I guarantee it!

My own 25th is this summer.

My wifes 20th is also.

I just hope they are not the same weekend.


I'm only 5 years out of college, but I think everything you said is authentic and true, just from the sound of it. It makes me quite excited to think about what I and all my classmates will have become come the 10th-year reunion. I loved your post.

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My 25th will be in '07. I have not attended one yet, and won't start at 25.

I still live within 40 miles of my small town high school, and those whom I gave damn about back then are the same ones I give a damn about today. And we have always stayed in touch, more so than ever since the proliferation of the internet. And for the most part, hardly any of them have attended one yet either.

Edit - 6.gif WTF was I thinking?!! Hell, I graduated in 1980, so mine's THIS year. I was at work all night when I posted this and I guess I was thinking about the year I started with my company, 1982. Shows you what sleep depravatopn will do for you.LOL

Still not going.

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