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Khorn purchased, suggestions


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Newbie, to Klipsch (check New Khorn owner Help, General Questions)also have opportunity to get Audio Research SP-11 pre-amp & CD, tip toes for speakers (suggestions & thoughts please). My, only exp is SS, in 70's I, had Phase linear 400 w/JBL L200's Harmon Kardon pre-amp, currently Phase linear 700II, w/Dalquist Dq-10's, 4000II phase pre-amp.Any suggestions greatly appreaciated, lokking for input on anything to be aware of when looking over new speakers before paying for & amps compatible for Audio pre-amp Thx Jim

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No "tip-toes" for the speakers. They require being snugly in the corner. In fact, it's recommended to caulk the edges so a good seal is maintained.

I always liked the DQ-10s. It's a different sound from what you'll be getting with the big horns. Make sure the surrounds on the DQ's woofers hasn't rotted out - that's pretty endemic these days.

Audio Research has a good reputation for sound quality - bad reputation for reliability. As they say "You pays your money and takes your chances." The newer units are supposedly better, though.

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might be able to help here, I have owned Khorns for 10 yrs and have owned dq10s and ARC etc.....my suggestion especially for the money is VTL.

Khorns seem to really fly with a nice el34 tube amp.

You park a good source thru the 2.5 pre amp and their st 85 power amp = mighty good sound.... a little nicer is their MB 125 mono amps, and for the money their IT 85 integrated amp thru Khorns can't be beat.

Another nice choice is a restored dynaco st 70, or of course a Marantz 8B.

for SS Mcintosh works great with Khorns but is more money,also Linn gear works very well thru Khorns.

I have either owned all of the above or tried them at length with the Khorns.

I have also tried some expensive tube amps with 6550s....I prefer the el34 tube compliment...and it is less money.

Lots of good choices to fuel the mighty Khorns...good luck.

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A possibly heretical comment but......

The Heritage (and especially the Khorn) sound is somewhat different from what many listeners have become accustomed to expect over the last 10-15 years. By that I mean that under normal listening conditions some will think the Khorn's reputation for bass reproduction has been grossly overstated.

The trend over the past 25 years or so has been toward high powered Solid State amps driving speakers that emphasise bass ( Think of the younguns BOOM BOOM BOOMING down the street ). That same philosophy has leached into the area of home audio.The current popularity of Home Theatre systems reinforces the notion that a "good speaker" will also rattle the panes out of your windows at the drop of a bass note.

The Khorn on the other hand will only go KABOOM if there is an actual KABOOM presented to it from the amp.This results in a bass presentation that is not in keeping with what a lot of people hear as high fidelity. Over time many who have been disappointed with the Khorn sound find themselves appreciating the sonic balance of the Khorn.

That said the Khorn sound is different from what many expect on first hearing.

The upside is that a very quiet bumpf sounds like a very quiet bumpf and a roaring canon on the 1812 Overture will cause a cat to attempt to dive under the couch or the significant other to run for the basement.

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i cant comment on k-horns as i cant afford them but i do have 2 pair of cornwalls and they are powered by 2 phase linear 400 amps and a sound valves vtp101i tube pre amp and im here to say it sounds simply amazing, the volume is incrediable and my bass sounds fine to me, i cant feel it in my chest but i do feel it in the floor, not boomy like the old cerwin vegas, but nice tight solid bass, love the klipsch speakers, i also ran the phase linear pre amps both the 2000 and 4000 series and the tube pre-amp blows both away hands down Joe

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Dont use caulk on the edges for the seal, use foam pipe insulation for tail board and top horizontal board on bass bin.You could also use flat rubber garage door seal or kitchen baseboard vinyl on the tail board.And if they are on smooth hard type floor use Grippers on bottom from wal-mart. Rick

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