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Klipschorn crossover connections- ALK


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A little help please...went to get spade connectors for my speaker cable (monster cable), but the spade is a little too wide to fit into the crossover. Smaller spades available at the electronics stores are too small to accept the lg diameter monster cable. Does Al's crossovers have any more room or are they similiar to to ones on the stock Klipsch ones?

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The barrier blocks I use are identical to the ones used by Klipsch. They have #6 screws. To use heavy wires, simply get spade lugs made for #8 screws. You will find that the spade part can be easily bent to fit. You spread them, then bend them back with a tighter radious. They are soft and bend very easily in the correct plane.

Al K.

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I probably could make a set with special connections, but I would need see

if they would fit first. Can you direct me to the type binding posts you are

thinking of?

Actually, many people have replaced the wiring in their speakers with heavy

cable. Making the connections to the existing Klipsch network using

"Monster" cable is actually quite easy. Spade lugs available from Lowes made

to connect 10 AWG wire to #8 to #10 screws are not expensive. These can be

easily modified to fit #6 screws. This is what I am using. The pictures

below show how easily these lugs can be spread, then bent back in a tighter

radius to fit the #6 screws. The other picture shows the modified spade lugs

on a Klipsch AA network.



Al K

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The main problem I have with the screw connectors on the Klipsch crossovers is that the + and - screws are so close together. Thus if you are using a bigger cable and want to connect with bare wire it's a ***** to connect. There are more sexy binding posts that are available similiar to the ones one the new Mac autoformer amps, that would do your ALK's proud. After all, might as well make them as good looking as your crossovers. Just a thought.....

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I was able to locate gold plated spade lugs that could accept 10-12 gauge wire with colorful red and black sleeves that fit perfectly in the terminal blocks. I am using 12 gauge Phoenix Gold wire. I got them at Parts Express, part #095-820 no bending required. Hope this helps the dilemma.


If it's too loud, your too old :)

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