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Fair La Scala Price


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I just finished rebuilding a set of 77 La Scalas. The job included having both tweeters rebuilt and replacement of one of the mid range driver units. The crossovers were AA type and had been abused by someone who didn't know the business end of a soldering iron. As a result, I had to get new crossovers. See my post "ALK to the rescue" in the forum. Altogether, my total outlay was about $800 +/- not counting trips to various electronic suppliers and Home Depot. I got the speakers themselves for next to nothing. As far as a fair price for the speakers, I think it all depends how badly you want them and how long you intend to keep them. I know right now that I wouldn't take a grand for mine. Good luck and happy listening!

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$1000 is a fair price for La Scalas as described. That's what I paid for my first pair in worse shape that you describe. Of course, offer him $800 first. Smile.gif


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I got my first set of LaScalas off of e-bay for $800. a few years ago . They were the commercial black models from 1977 with handles on the side .they were a little banged up but sonically great I filled the dings and repainted them. My second pair (circa 1978) I found on audioreview for $300. because one of them had a blown woofer from the owners attempt to bi-amp them. I got an exact replacement (used) on ebay for $57. They were in the same condition as the first set and I refinished them the same. The $1000 for the pair you describe is fair.

HT-1 Klipsch Heritage System (music oriented)

Klipschorns w/ ALK crossover upgrades

4 Klipsch LaScalas (surround & rears)

Heresy components in custom cabinet /monitor stand (center)

Panasonic 32 Monitor W/ component video input

3 Sony CX400 CD changers

Sony CX-200 CD Changer

MSB Technology Digital Director w/ jitter reduction

Nirvis DXS digital controller (auto selection of whatever changer is playing)

Nirvis Slink-e computer interface

Nirvis jukebox software (downloads net cd info, album covers& lyrics- programs & controls changers searchable for songs, artists, albums).

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Technics SL3300 DD Turntable w/ Shure cartridges

Outlaw 1050 6.1 A/V Receiver (Dynaco inputs directly to amp section)

Perpetual Technologies P1A Digital Correction Engine (jitter reduction, 16 to 24 bit conversion, future speaker frequency correction, and room acoustic correction )

Perpetual Technologies P3A DAC ( plus 44.1k to 96k CD upsampling)

Klipsch KSW-15 sub (for DVD LFEs )

Klipsch LF-10 sub

Phillips Pronto TS2000 Programmable Remote

Scientific American Explorer 2000 Home Communications Terminal

X10 computerized lighting controls

Radio Shack Wireless Remote Control Extender

Cables: Onix , MSB, Monster, AR., Iced Purple, RS Gold

Monster Bi-wire speaker cables.(Khorns)

HT#2 Klipsch THX System (movie oriented)

4 Klipsch KT-LCR THX Speakers

4 Klipsch RS-3s (side & rear surround)

2 Klipsch KT-DS THX Surrounds

10 Linaem Tweeters

Outlaw 1050 6.1 A/V Receiver (Dynaco inputs directly to amp section)

Monster 3000 Power Center

Sony X111 ES CD Player

Sony 775HF VCR

Sony STR-G3 (supplemental amplification for extra speakers)

Toshiba 61 High Definition TV

Sony NS700 Progressive Scan DVD

Toshiba 4205 DVD/ CD Changer

Klipsch SW-12II Sub

Klipsch LF-10 sub

Sony AV2100 remote

Scientific American Explorer 2000 Home Communications Terminal

X10 Computerized Lighting

Vibrapods (vibration isolation)

RS Gold , Monster, Iced Purple, AR Cables

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I purchased my 1988 LaScalas recently for $700.00. They needed about $150 in repair costs ( rebuild one crossover) and one of the speakers has some damage to the front edge of the cabinet (I haven't attempted to try to fix this yet). So it'll probably be in the $1,000 price range by the time it's all said and done...which is probably fair/reasonable.

REMEMBER: Their are lots of LaScalas for sale out there...but how many within easy driving distance...Shipping cost on a pair of 123lbs. speakers isn't cheap and is perilous.


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