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Hope plant closure

Lone Palm

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We need somebody to take charge and put it together. Basically, someone with no job and lots of time on their hands. Smile.gif Who organized the one last year? Are they willing to put this one together? If not, someone who probably went last year and knows the right people to get into contact with. BTW, count me in for making the trip. I would love to meet some of my Klipsch brothers and sisters...



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John Albright and I have traded some info emails, but my work got busy the past couple of weeks and I haven't been able to devote any time to trying to plan a trip. Mike is right, this will take a large amount of time. Not sure if I will be able to help much with planning, but I will where I can. John's comments would be helpful to the next planner. I would love to go, meet the folks who pointed my ears in the right direction.

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I would be interested in the pilgrimage.

I made the trip in 1972 and met Paul Klipsch. After a tour of the plant by the GM, he spent over an hour giving me demonstrations and lessons in acoustics. It was a very interesting trip. The following year I bought K-horns.

A trip back would be fun.



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1980 Cornwalls

Klipsch Quartet as Rear

The following I bought NEW in 1971:

McIntosh MR-74

McIntosh C-26

McIntosh MC-2505

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