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K-horn question


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I have recently been tinkering with low-power class A tube amps. My favorite is a 2A3 design from Doc Bottlehead. I currently use a pair of 1988 Fortes (slightly modified) but I would like to try something different. One friend suggested k-horns but I really don't have corners available. Can you use k-horns in a non-corner set-up? A guy close to my home (2 hours) has a pair for sell but I need to know about the set-up. Also what do you think about the sound from a folded bass horn vs. traditional woofers?

By the way, my system is for music only. It consists of

1)Denon DCD-S10 cd with both fixed and variable output. I prefer the variable output with no pre-amp.

2)Building a modified Bottlehead Foreplay pre-amp. Have no idea how this will sound. Reviews have been good..

3)Home built 2A3 monoblocks from Bottlehead Corp.

4)1988 Klipsch Forte speakers.

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If you cannot place the Klipschorns in a corner with walls that extend out uninterrupted for 4 feet or so, do not bother with them. Unless you want to build "false walls", but I'll have to leave any guidance on that up to others who may have done it.

My experience is that bass from horns, because of their efficiency, is much less distorted than bass from direct radiators, especially at higher volumes. But even at low volumes, horn loaded bass is very detailed and natural sounding. But subwoofer technology has come a long way in recent years and a properly placed quality subwoofer will do an excellent job and could be the equal of horn loaded bass in the right setup and within it's volume limitations.

Just my 2 cents. I hope this helps.


L/C/R: Klipsch Heresy II

Surround: Klipsch RS-3

Subwoofers: 2 HSU-VTF-2

Pre/Pro/Tuner: McIntosh MX-132

AMP: McIntosh MC-7205

DVD: McIntosh MVP-831

CD Transport: Pioneer PD-F908 100 Disc Changer

Turntable: Denon DP-72L

Cassette: Nakamichi BX-1

T.V. : Mitsubishi 55905


Surge Protector: Monster Power HTS-5000

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Go for dem horns! You'll not regret it.

A copy of "The Dope From Hope" containing instructions with pictures about building false corners was recently posted on here, but I don't remember which forum it was in. I'm pretty sure it could be found in the archives.

I think that building false corners actually has at least one really big advantage over using the corners in your room: It lets you experiment with speaker placement and find the best location for your speakers. It also allows more flexability in choosing your listening spot.



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Nice job guys, that link to the earlier post works well.

I believe you will be very, very impressed with the K-Horns.

As described by others: PWK has a pair in his large living room and uses the false corners as shown in the Dope from Hope posted.

It is interesting that in his installation, they are about 10 feet from the actual corners. Perhaps getting them closer to the corners would be better, but it doesn't seem to bother The Master.

I'll point out again that just closing off the backs with a plywood structure should work just as well, provided it is braced a bit.

Again, the purchase of K-Horns is a good one. If by some chance you don't like them, it is unlikely you'll have any problem reselling them. The only issue is transportation costs.


Edit: After thinking about it, my recall of 10 feet might have been too much. Probably more like 5 feet. Certainly enought to walk behind. Other visitors might have better recall.

This message has been edited by William F. Gil McDermott on 09-09-2001 at 08:54 PM

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Add another thumbs-up for the Khorns from this listener. I first heard a pair of Khorns in 1983. I was amazed. Lack of funds prevented purchase at that time. Then along comes Ebay and in 1999 I picked up a pair. I was a bit anxious, especially after paying a LARGE sum of money to ship them 1500 miles. Well, within moments after hooking them up all my worries were over. Just as I remembered. Dynamic, clear, alive and musical. We had to take them apart (HF section and LF section) to get them into the house, but the money, effort and sweat were all worth it. Good luck with whatever you decide. By the way, as mentioned by Gil, if you get them and don't like them they are in demand. Especially with the apparent delays in orders being filled for the Heritage Series as discussed in other threads.


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IMHO there is no question you should go for the K-Horns. I bought a pair a few months ago, I don't have them in false corners yet, just some 3/4" MDF sealing off the bass box (and not all that well sealed) and the sound is incredible whether I am using my tube amp or my SS amp.

The bass from the folded horn is amazing. To me the folded horn woofer seems quicker and tighter than the other, "Heritage" speakers, though the K-horns don't go as low as your Forte's (I use a sub for the lower bass).


Ed W

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