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Steelers vs. Colts


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13-7, with 39secs to halftime. Man, the steelers defense has been stellar minus the first play of the game. Now the offence has got to do SOMETHING! Come on, I've already bit off all my nails! I hope hope hope the steelers can pull one outta the hat in this game. The colt's D has been super quick, Big Ben needs more quick slants out to Ward, Miller and Randle el. phew.... holding my breath now


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what was up with that onside kick?!?!?

Yeah I dunno. I don't think I would have done that...Strange opening the half and down by what? 6 pts?

I am still trying to figure out what was up with that quarter-back draw

on that 4th and 4 attempt at a first down! I had mixed feelings

about this game. I am definitly a Steeler's fan, but at the same

time, there is just something cool seeing the Colts go all the way

undefeated. To be honost, I am not suprised to see the game turn

out they way it did (still 23 over 7 with about 1 minute left - umm,

make that 26 over 7 since the Colts just kicked a field goal!).

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I really think the score looks closer than the game actually was. Very suprised to see the only score from the Steelers came from first and goal caused from a Manning mistake. And they almost got themselves into trouble there with their penalties. I have alot of family members who are Steeler fans but i think they are really going to have a tough time even making the playoffs. Colts are the real deal.

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OK, Now I am nervous... We are the real deal... Now what??

We were robbed in 95 by the steelers...should of been our year...

The first time they were in "Our House" and yes we beat em good. One game at a time.. I will say I was never happier with the team than I was last night. Great play on BOTH sides of the field.. Except for too many penalties.. This season has been incredible.. Now play hard, go to the SuperBowl... And carpe dium. Sieze the day!!

(BTW, I am beaming..... but a nervous wreck too.) Go COLTS!!!!

Were a much better team indoors.. a lot faster... Home field advantage, and the SB game in a dome.. I think it does look very good!

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I hope the Seahawks spoil the Colt's perfect season so far... I don't see the Titans and Cardinals posing a threat. Chargers could pull one out of the hat, they do have Ladanian Tomlinson... I'll go as far as saying he's the best RB in NFL currently. His stats are phenomenal. But the Seahawks could beat Colts, Darrell Jackson is due to return anytime soon I believe.

As for the Steelers, the next one versus the Bengals is a must win... else, well...sigh

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