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True or False: LaScala's sound like KLF's?


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The Heritage series sound different from just about any other line of speakers, from Klipsch or from anyone else. There are a few other lines of full range horn speakers from a few other companies that share some of the same characteristics you find with the Heritage, but comparing them to direct radiators, electrostatics, planar magnetics, transmission line or whatever is impossible.

You really need to try and get someplace where you can listen to a La Scala, Belle or KHorn to get an idea of what the La Scalas sound like. There's practically nothing else out there that's similar enough to give you an idea by saying "well, they sound sort of like the Megamonster Bombastic series III". They don't sound like anything else.



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LaScalas sound just like Klipschorns (same components) but don't go quite as low, (45 Hz vs. 35 Hz. Have you considered getting any of the Heritage series used from ebay, web classified, etc.They go for about a quarter to a third of what they cost new. You need to find some near you for p/u as they are heavy and cost alot to ship. They last forever, it seems. A nice upgrade is Al K's ALK crossover.

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hey deang ... i'm kind of like a lurker in this forum and do post from time to time. i don't have as much expertise as most folks here and you've certainly had some good suggestions to others. i only have one comment ... it's no question you hate the KLF series but you seem to just keep bashing that line. i for one do own the legend line as my first taste of klipsch speakers and happen to like them very much. i know it's all a matter of taste but there are nicer ways to say the same thing. i for one don't like the reference series but i would never say they suck or whatever ... remember, Klipsch is Klipsch and don't we want everyone to own one whatever line they are. Imagine someone going into a shop making a choice between a KLF series vs. a Bose ... if they read your posts then they would walk out of there with those little cubes. please note that i'm not trying to make an enemy here ... thanks.

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I have to say false -

just as the Legends have more of the Klipsch and the horn sound than the Synergy models, so too do the Heritage models have more of the Klipsch and the horn sound, in fact, much more -

therefore I have to say false -

while the Legends could fit (no pun intended) into many an audio or home theater system, since their sound is more like that of a conventional speaker than a big old horn, the big old LaScalas are an acquired taste -

Ray is right (what! again?) you need to listen to them first -

You could always use the KLF30s for the rears, on the other hand, I am sure you will be able to sell the LaScalas for what you paid for them ..


horns & subs; lights out & tubes glowing

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Along a parallel tangent, I sold my KG 3.2s to a guy who just unloaded his LaScalas. He thought that they would be good speakers for an auditorium, but just weren't right for his living room. At least that's what he said, when I asked him why in the world was he downgrading to KG 3.2s.



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