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"I need to liquify my solid state" sez Dean

Jeff Matthews

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>> "You'd make a great attorney or other public leader."

assumes facts not in evidence? slick though.

mh has traditionally wielded a pretty sharp keyboard though.

Let him throw down his BS in his own stream-of-conscious creativity and get a legal "newbie" to polish it just a tad...............

.........................and BAMMM!

I'd stick him in front of a jury in a New York minute!

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I'd stick him in front of a jury in a New York minute!

your not liscensed to practice in New York

The exchange rate on a New york minute is still pretty steep. What, about 25 min in Houston, maybe 40 out in the sticks? It really gets crazy when you get out in the Caribbean. Turns into an hour or so. I got in the habit of ordering a beer when served a cold one... "I'll take another when you get a minute..."
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Doesn't the PLX series have an input impedance of 6kohms unbalanced? Isn't that going to be pretty tough finding a nice tube preamp with such a low output impedance. Or does the the peach fit the bill nicely without a huge impedance mismatch? How would lets say the merlin work out? ============== The Peach in LoZ output mode will drive 6kO just fine. The Merlin would not do as well, and is more suited to loads above 20kO. md

Mark, in my experience, the Blueberry mode matches up pretty well with PLXs. I run front and rear feeds off a Peach. I use PLX 1202s for my rear Altec Valencias, and PLX 1202s for the bass bins of my main Belles (Marantz 8Bs for the squawker/tweet). I usually use the Loz output mode, but the Hi output or Blueberry mode (Peach) and the PLXs drive cleanly to high volumes with no problem. That leads me to believe that in theory, a Blueberry or Xtreme should also perform well with the QSC PLXs.


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