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looking for a good place to purchase used rf-7

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USED? Audiogon and maybe EBAY.....

For NEW....local dealer only...check Klipsch website for local dealers in your area...

BEST BUYS is not a REFERENCE dealer...

Maybe Magnolia is...but magnolia is not everywhere...

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The magnolia rooms in Best Buy don't carry the Reference seies either.

Another place to check for used would be your local dealers. Sometimes

they'll either have store demo units at a discount (with full

warranty), or trade-ins that they've taken on another sale. I

picked up pair of RF-7s pretty cheap from a local dealer that took them

on a trade in, but wasn't a Klipsch dealer. Kind of like buying a used

Chevy from a Ford dealership, they just want to get rid of it. See if

any of your local dealers have a website showing their stock of used

equipment, makes the search a lot easier.

Also for private used listings check craigslist.

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I know of a place in New Jersey that I can get them cherry 1600 New In The Box. If youy live far, I would ship them at cost....

Jay, I may take that into consideration I'm waiting for the guy above my post to get in touch with me, he's in my state of Michigan, only thing is he's way south and I'm way north . pretty far away. Wonder what shipping from NJ to 49684 in MI costs
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hell I would do it at cost and I guess gas, and like mcdonalds a whopping like 10 dollars more.... But I do recommend the double boxing!!! But I guess my hidden agenda is to get a reputation with the dealer to get future discounts! Also I might as well buy it with my credit card to get some more bonus points! lol but I think you get the better end of the bargain!

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