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Poll: Which 2A3 have you heard and like the best?


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12 hours ago, pauln said:

Wow, old thread... I'm still using the Sovteks that came with my Wrights 20 years ago.

Birthday next month; maybe I'll get another pair of Sovtek, or maybe something else?


I inherited DaddyDee's tube collection and I agree with his opinions. However there are so many great 2a3 tubes on the market it is hard to go wrong. The one I have not tried are 2a3 mesh by EML. I find there tubes better than anything I have ever heard or seen. What I didn't realized until recently is the sovteks and gold lions are single plate 2a3s.




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2 hours ago, RandyH said:

do you remember who inherited  @Daddy Dee 's  speakers


They may have stayed in the family but I am not sure. It was strange getting his tubes as we had long conversations about tubes. Then it turned out he bought most of what we talked about and I had no idea.

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To “voice” a SE amp, you should consider the load lines of each stage (if you have these resources) and how they could possibly cancel 2nd order distortion in order for the “total” final distortion to be as low as possible. The tube selection also needs to compliment the output transformer primary impedance. 

You would need test equipment for this to measure THD+N though. 

The lowest distortion may not be everyone’s metric, but I like to keep it as low as possible to start at 1 Watt. 

I recently found a great combination that yielded fantastic sonic results: Lundahl LL1627 transformers (wired for 3k), Sylvania 6SL7WGT and Sovtek 2A3. I can post the schematic if anyone is interested. 

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